The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed is both scientific and revolutionary. It is neither philosophical in nature nor old ideas re-hashed. It is about action and results rather than useless theories. It is about revolutionary total change in understanding and insight, rather than merely replacing yet another "theoretical" unworkable system with another.

It will not only show you "WHY" but also will show you "HOW".

If you happen to be a single mum struggling to bring up your child, or are unemployed,
The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed will do far more than give you hope for the future. It will entice you to begin your wealth program immediately.

Each stage of the program is clearly defined - from creating a "small start up fund" all the way through to advanced wealth creating. You will set whatever goals or wealth levels you require and then "go for it"!

This awesome wealth program works and is proven beyond any doubt!

And once more, at each stage of the program, you KNOW that it is working because
your wealth total is climbing at a staggering rate.

  You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.
"The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed" has opened my mind and launched me on a simple yet incredible journey towards wealth creation.
Thank you again for sharing this knowledge"

"I urge everyone to grab a copy while they can"
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The Secrets Of
Wealth Creation

By Multi Millionaire Wealth Creator
   Charles Goodwin
Learn how *you too* can create awesome wealth
totally and utterly from scratch

Start your very own mega wealth program today!
From Zero to $10,000,000.00
The Secrets of Phenomenal Wealth
Your destiny awaits you. Know that now you can become incredibly wealthy. Whatever your present station in life is, and whatever your present income, you can begin your very own wealth program today.

To label this breakthrough wealth masterpiece merely as a "book" is a supreme understatement. Over two hundred and eighty pages, in excess of ninety five thousand words spread over twenty-three chapters and dozens of sub-chapters, The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed is a complete wealth manual, reference book and wealth program all rolled into one.

You can indeed become incredibly wealthyThe Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed will not only clearly show you how to create abundant wealth, but will also equip you with the necessary skills to handle greatness.
The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed  begins at the beginning!

The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed, even if you have some spare savings currently in the bank, not only assumes that you have not any start up funds, it actually encourages you (and more importantly shows you how) to create your initial modest capital.

The author, wealth creator Charles Goodwin, knows that by gaining the experience and knowledge of being able to create a fortune at any time in your life, utterly from scratch, you will achieve a sense of freedom and security that no amount of money can buy. No longer at any level will you carry the dreaded fear of poverty in your psyche!

The author wants you, from this day on, to walk the path of the Master wealth creator.
Within the first two dynamic chapters, The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed proceeds to demolish many myths relating to money, income and wealth. It clearly defines and explains with laser-like focus, the connections between these three concepts.

Your Wealth Program from the start intentionally goes straight for the jugular, "Wealth Creation"!

Your understanding of wealth creating will take a quantum leap. You will suddenly realize why most people REGARDLESS OF INCOME are destined to fail in the wealth stakes. You will also suddenly understand why you from now on, cannot possibly fail!
The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed clearly shows that even if you are on a low income, you can become incredibly wealthy!
The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed has purposely been written on many levels. It has been written by a Master, about achieving Master-hood via wealth creation.

Charles Goodwin unashamedly uses many Tantra and other powerful techniques, methods and devices throughout the manuscript to push you out of your nest of complacency and contentment. He bulldozes past conditioning, ego, attitudes, primal fears, outmoded beliefs and concepts and introduces you to your higher self  -  the self of the Master! He takes you beyond the known and into the "latent potential of your higher self".

You will not only soon be creating massive wealth but also you will begin to sense what real freedom is - the freedom that arises from totality and Master-hood.
"....if I had not experienced the transformation, I would never had believed it possible. Three years ago I was a part time receptionist. Today, I run several businesses with net assets exceeding one million dollars.... Charles Goodwin's wealth program is simply incredible!
I can only say  - Do yourself a huge favor - buy his book today!

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Action and Results
If you are currently on a relatively high income but realize that true wealth is still eluding you, if you now know that costs and expenses increase as your income increases, The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed will become a watershed in your life. The penny will suddenly drop! You will be able to adopt the wealth program to your individual circumstances and then proceed to set your goals in concrete. You will be on the pathway to astonishing wealth totally debt free!

Whether you are an overworked and stressed out businessperson, or a hopeful self employed "newbie" on the block The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed will encourage, if not force you, to re-examine your priorities. For example, your present business priority may be to make healthy profits. However, once you have read The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed, your financial goal will be *wealth creating*.
Your mind set will change dramatically. More importantly, you will know the supreme difference! At the end of each month, you will no longer be overly interested in "how much profit has the business earnt" but rather the more direct, "how much wealthier am I?"

These enlightening secrets to wealth, combined with the unique wealth program that Charles Goodwin gives to you, will not bring you the happiness you seek unless you first equip or ripen yourself for wealth.

The author understands that the techniques and devices he uses can be viewed as the bridge over the river of complacency and ignorance. This bridge leads to insight, freedom and Master-hood, as well as abundant material wealth. Once you are on the other side, you will soon forget the techniques used to get you there.

Each time you read this book of books, you will attune to a different and higher level. The esoteric, Tantra and Wealth Creation hidden secrets are there waiting to be experienced along with the wealth program. If you buy only one more book in your lifetime, make sure it's Charles Goodwin's The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed.
If you buy only one more book in your lifetime, make sure it's Charles Goodwin's The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed
And yet, this book is so much more!

Discover how you can become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!
We honestly would need a separate e-book to list and comment upon the incredible amount of information  the secrets, the lessons, examples and parables - contained in The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed. And it is difficult to convey the capacity for expansive change that this book can bring about in your life.

With this in mind, let's sneak a look at a minute fraction of the contents and make some notes. But please understand one thing before we proceed. This book has the effect of being a mirror to your higher self.  Upon each reading (the author recommends that you read the book at least three times) each person will derive from this profound book, differing insights.

I am no different.
The book affected me as it will affect you. But the affect will be unique and special for each reader. The common thread is, that if you follow the methods and principles outlined within the book, you will be firmly on the pathway to genuine debt free wealth!
  Be sure to read the Introduction
Firstly, be sure to read the introduction to the book. Many people, anxious to get into a new book, skip the introduction. Know that every section of The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed is important, including the introduction. Charles Goodwin weaves his thread at times subtly - at times grossly, yet at all times with "almost cunning" purpose - your higher good! 

The Stories and Parables......

Even the many entertaining, yet haunting, stories or parables strategically placed throughout the book are relevant to your wealth program. Do not be surprised if these unforgettable stories alone will have a profound effect upon your life.

We have mentioned the first two chapters. The third chapter, Let the Magical Play Begin, introduces you to the awesome wealth program outlined within the book. This is where you will discover how you too, can have the Midas touch. You will be presented with the alchemy principles of creating wealth and learn how to compound your wealth at staggering (several hundred percent per month) percentage rates.
Chapters four and five, Maximize your talents and It's time to strengthen your resolve, show why it is so important to work with your own talents (everyone is clever at something) and to strengthen your resolve. The book shows you how to start with nothing. You must resolve once and for all, that you allow the wealth you create from this program to grow unhindered until your chosen goal is achieved.

The author, Charles Goodwin writes,
"Mighty oaks from little acorns grow."

This wealth program is dynamic. With few exceptions, it is the speediest, most potent, and easiest way of amassing great wealth. The program bypasses all ritualized business principles.

You simply plant the acorn, water it with persistence, keep the weeds of negativity from suffocating it, and then permit the sapling to grow to maturity. A mighty oak will grow from your little acorn.

However, a wealth creator does not practice bonsai. Start trimming the branches and the oak tree will not survive. Oak trees do not belong in pots! Oak trees need the space and the freedom to expand.

There are also many important sub headings in these early chapters - for example,
Knowing the difference between a gamble and a calculated risk is a revelation in itself. Like most people, on the rare occasions that I have played in a casino, I thought I was gambling - I now know better!

The next chapter entitled Image and Ego versus Wealth explains why so many people unwittingly plan to fail in the wealth stakes and warns against attempting to create a "successful image" to satisfy one's ego.

This dynamic wealth program focuses directly on wealth creation. It encourages you to get the wealth creation fundamentals right first. Sharpen your talents. Start small and allow your wealth to multiply. The ever-increasing size of your wealth portfolio and the corresponding image will then take care of itself. Follow the program and you simply will not be able to hold your burgeoning wealth total back!
Chapters 7 and 8 are shorter in length but are powerfully relevant. For now, they will have to remain a secret as they almost defy description in this limited space.

Chapter 8 entitled Pumpkins make excellent pumpkin soup, is particularly profound and thought provoking. 

Chapter 9, How to create your start up funds devotes approximately 14 pages on how to answer the easy but important challenge laid down by the author.

The challenge is simple enough - to create a mere $200.00 to begin your wealth program and to have fun while you are doing it. Time is unimportant, take as long as you like. There are heaps of easy suggestions and examples and most of you will quickly create a great deal more than $200.00.
Chapter 10, With friends like you, who needs enemies? is brilliant and is a book in itself. The "mind shattering" secret contents (over twenty three pages) will plant the seeds of change within your consciousness. You will more than likely read this chapter many times over the coming years. Each time you will be deeply affected.

Chapters 11 through to 18 are a systematic and a concise "how to" guide through your wealth program.

These chapters will carry you from creating your initial opportunities right up to the point where you are ready for advanced wealth creating.
You will learn how you will turn that initial $200.00 that you created into a fortune. You will learn the complete "where, what and how" of the wealth program. Dozens of examples are given and explained in detail. You will hear of other budding wealth creators' real life experiences.

You will also learn why you should think "annually" with all your domestic outgoings and save thousands of dollars per year in the process.

  I guarantee that these remarkable chapters will finally convince you that there is now absolutely nothing stopping you 
from becoming incredibly wealthy!

And all through these chapters, Charles Goodwin weaves his magic. Goading you, prompting you, enticing you to take the leap so that you will fly, and encouraging you to walk the path of the Master.
The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed does not halt at comparatively "mediocre wealth creation". You will discover that the principles Charles Goodwin gives to you do not change one iota as you proceed along the path to mega debt free wealth.

In the latter chapters of the book, you will learn how to dramatically up the tempo. Each higher stage in your wealth program will have a minimum of three times the growth potential of the preceding stage. Not only will you learn how to multiply your wealth acceleration by a minimum factor of three, but also you will plan to accomplish this in a minimum of one third of the time allocation!

Take a quantum leap into super-wealth!
"As your wealth spirals, you will learn to create wealth, simpler, easier and with much less time allocation. You will also receive more satisfaction from your creative efforts. Every wealth program has within it the seeds of its own expansion."
The final five chapters are simply awesome. Chapter 19 entitled Create streams of wealth is where your mainstream wealth program begins to create separate "wealth creating" off-shoots. The chapter also fully explains to you the principles of
Self-perpetuating income streams, and I quote,
"Like the mythical Arthurian quest for the Holy Grail, or like the gambler in search of the perfect roulette system, the wealth creator is always on the quest for a new self-perpetuating income stream.

The important difference is that the perfect roulette system and the Holy Grail are myths, whereas the  self-perpetuating income stream is easily achievable."
And if this amazing chapter isn't enough, The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed continues to amaze and transform. Chapter 20 is entitled Advanced wealth creating and "linkage streams of wealth".

In this chapter, Charles Goodwin recommends that you begin your new investment portfolio ASAP and to bankroll such portfolio, he introduces you to his unique principles of "Linkage streams of wealth"

Here you will learn the "real" common sense wealth secrets of transmutation and alchemy. He gives several differing examples including an example of how an average homemaker, struggling to make ends meet on her husband's wage, (someone kept moving the ends) began her wealth program and amassed a fortune in the stock market using these simple alchemy principles.

Make no mistake, these dynamic "Linkage streams of wealth" principles work brilliantly, and are a "must know" for anyone seriously wanting to become wealthy.
Chapter 21, Real Estate Wealth is an e-book in itself.

This 25-page chapter alone is worth many times the extremely low investment price of this whole book. Charles Goodwin draws from his years of experience and expertise in real estate wealth creating.

He has literally purchased and/or developed many hundreds of homes, shopping centers, industrial and commercial holdings, farms and apartment buildings. He has created for himself and his professional clients millions of dollars in profits. He is undoubtedly a highly paid sought after expert in the real estate field.

In this amazing chapter, he combines or links his "insider secrets" pertaining to real estate with your wealth program - with unbelievable and startling results!

Charles Goodwin completely demolishes the notion of negative gearing and even advises that negative gearing schemes should be treated the same way in statutory law as pyramid schemes and chain letters. He states that all debt is bad debt and that we should keep this firmly in mind when we begin to amass real estate wealth.

He also brilliantly exposes the real estate myth of location  location  location.
Creating Real Estate Wealth
The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed then proceeds to show you how to amass your first million dollars in debt free real estate wealth. Charles Goodwin tells you what to buy, how to buy and when to buy. He gives you the maths and the examples to back up his advice.

The enlightening sub chapter Free-holding your properties via "leveraged cycles" is bound to set the real estate fraternity buzzing.

Another of the many sub chapters, Buying your first home is also bound to spark debate and controversy in the real estate industry. Charles Goodwin convincingly shows you how to beat the banks at their own wealth game and end up with a property at least five times more valuable than you would otherwise ever could have achieved.

Once more, you can plan to freehold this "dream home " in a quarter of the time the average homeowner manages to pay off their home.

If You think this all sounds too good to be true?

Prove it to yourself. Simply read the chapter and follow the simple mathematics and examples. You will see that each step is not only achievable, and has proven to be so, but is also totally logical.
Your First Million Dollars in Debt Free Real Estate Wealth!
Taxation and Incorporation
The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed would not be complete without
a taxation plan to match this awesome wealth program.

Know that the wealth program outlined in The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed is taxation friendly.

This dynamic 28-page chapter clearly defines why you should never again fear taxation. Charles Goodwin explains the reasons why you should steer well clear from shaky tax avoidance schemes. Instead, for the wealth creator, he recommends "sound and conservative tax planning".

The first stage of his "conservative" tax planning strategies is to limit the legal "cents in the dollar" percentage due to the tax office to an absolute and bare minimum. (A miniscule few cents in the dollar in comparison to your ever-increasing wealth total.) Because of the methodology of this wealth program, he shows you how this is easily achieved.
He then gives examples of how you can at least triple these tax monies (by way of a separate wealth stream) before handing it over to the tax office. In other words for each $1,000.00 you pay in tax you will be at least $3,000.00 wealthier! Think about it!

He even shows you how you can get someone else to pay your income tax for you! Believe it or not, just for the challenge and to prove the system, Charles Goodwin explains how he once managed to get even the government to pay his entire income tax bill!
Once again, you will presented with the relevant facts and figures. Charles Goodwin used to be paid handsomely for his tax advice re wealth creation and real estate investing. High-income medical and legal professionals sought his advice at every opportunity. Now for the very first time in print, you too can learn these techniques included in the low investment price of this book.
Just $24.87 = Absolute incredible Value!
The price of The Secrets of Wealth Creation Revealed is a mere $24.87, please understand that we as publishers firmly believe that the book should retail as the bargain of the year at around $69.00. In our view, $24.87 is downright ridiculous and if it weren't for the author's own insistence, would be a downright insult to him.
30-day iron clad money back                     guarantee
With the Wealth Creators Club unconditional guarantee, there is absolutely no risk on your part!

We are confident that there exists no other wealth book on the market that comes near The Secrets Of Wealth Creation Revealed - a remarkable step-by-step manual together with plenty of examples to abundant wealth creation and Mastership. If you or your loved ones truly want to amass wealth, then you dare not let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by.

However, if for any reason whatsoever, you do not feel that this remarkable book will profoundly change your life for the better, or you feel you are not yet ready for wealth, we offer you a full 30-day money back iron clad guarantee.

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