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How to make a Million dollars fast

By Martin Thomas
What if I was to tell you that money was just a figment of your concentration? Ever considered making a concentrated effort that could change your life for good? Ever wondered if you applied yourself to making your first million whether it would be a waste of time or a life changing experience? Either of these posibilities may occur. The question really is, would you try? Have you ever spoken to somebody who has made a million dollars? Do you ever wonder how they would answer your questions?
The first thing I want to do is qualify the above by saying "quick" means several years not overnight. Sure, you could write a hit song or contemporary book but these have alot to do with chance. People with determination generally don't like chance because control is a solid aspect of wealth generation.

Anyone can have an idea. By that I mean virtually any idea can become workable unless its just totally "out there" What matters is that you act. But more then that, before you act, you must know how to make it work. Thats really what most people with a good idea lack.

So knowledge again is where the central workability comes from. So let me give you some knowledge right now. The knowledge of the wealthy. There are many ways to get rich very rapidly but I offer you an example below and some insights about what the wealthy know and have known for centuries.

Arbitrage is a concept that you should learn more about. Its a word that circulates in financial circles and is therefore obscured to the average person as just some odd french word that the stock market people use.

The truth is that arbitrage is the single biggest idea about wealth that you should understand. Doing an arbitrage deal is literally this........If I offered you 70 cents for your crisp clean dollar note would you take the deal? What if you had $100,000 and I had $75,000 and I said look, let me deposit this money into your account in exchange for your money? Straight swap. How would you feel about that?
Well I imagine you'd say no. I wouldn't blame you, its hardly a fair deal. Arbitraguers do this all day long. But this is the difference.

We deal in value and perceptions not numerical currency like cash. Or we deal wholesale and sell retail. There are hundreds of ways that I can swap my 70 cents for somebody elses dollar.

The wealthy have practiced arbitrage for as long as currency existed because arbitrage is the secret road to wealth. A secret that will never be openly talked about because it is so tightly held. My little contribution here will do nothing to change that balance, but consider yourself fortunate to learn about this and maybe it will spurr you on to a new life.

Here is a real world example of arbitrage that I practiced many years ago, when I was starting out broke, dejected, but hopeful.

It wasnt long ago but seems like centuries ago. Its pre-history now. One form of arbitrage is the concept of economies of scale. This arbitrage strategy relies on a single fact. An irrefutable reality about fiscal life on the planet earth. Here it is. When you buy something (of anything) in bulk, you are entitled to and more often then not get a very large discount on your purchase. When this bulk amount is "split up" and re-sold in traditional more popular chunks, your investment will return a decent profit.

So here is a get rich quick idea. One you can use right now to establish an income stream to replace your daily job. It can be reproduced and systemized to manufacture a very healthy income indeed.

When you look at newspaper and local journal price lists, you will notice they are very yielding to this concept of economies of scale. Simply a small ad may cost $140 for example. But buy a full page and you only pay say $900. Why? because its less work for the publication. Well my idea was to start a weekly page called "Martins Market" I approached 200 business owners face to face and told them they can get a small ad in my one page spread "Martins Market" for just $90 a full $50 cheaper then if they bought their ad from the paper directly. Do you think this offer interested a good percentage of the business owners I approached? You bet! Not only that, but they got a further discount if they paid up 6 months in advance.

I could fit 40 ads of that size onto my page. Being filled up, I made $3600 every week for an outlay of $900 for the page. I added value with nice graphics and the page got quite well recieved as my clients reported good returns from their ads. This was reproduced 20 times around the country, with 2 sales staff for every "Martins Market" I was netting close to $20,000 per week for a fairly lengthy period.

You will need a few dollars to try this, but its inevitable that if you do your research properly you can make this work and get exactly the same results.

My very best to you
Martin Thomas CEO opportunity investor.com

Martin Thomas is a professional investor that trades in yachts, precious stones and real estate. Jack Reynolds is one of Martin's students, Jack was a broke Insurance salesman only 2 years ago, today he owns assets valued at several million dollars. What did Martin teach Jack in 24 short months? You can read about Jack's remarkable and rapid transformation and download Hayden's famous book "The Million Dollar Mentor" by clicking here
For example, you may be surprised to discover that making that first million is easy. I would wager that nearly every such person you spoke to would answer, if they were to be completely honest, that the money really was quite simple to get. They would probably go on to tell you that what really stopped them was their environment. Listening to family, the wife/husband, the social compass's in your life. That working long hours in a good job was the only and honest way to earn money and anything else was simply wrong. These millionaires would probably even admit that the real reason they succeeded was because everybody else was still under that same restraint and so they probably did so well simply due to a lack of competition.

A wealth building program that works

To make a million dollars fast you have to have a system. You see, it doesn't matter how much you have made or how much money you had to start with, what matters is how you are going to get there. If that system is robust, you will never fear poverty again.

Jack Reynolds was a good salesman. He was honest and hard working and I was his sales manager. I left that workplace several years earlier and caught up with Jack one day to see how he was going. You see, I found a system for myself that made sense. This system served as a structure to apply to my daily actyivities. When I saw that was working, I just simply re-produced my initial results to continue the momentum.

I did make my first million fairly quickly, infact when I saw that it was feasible, I was like a man on a mission. There was nothing that was going to stop me and nothing did. Jack on the other hand was still at the same old Insurance company we had spent many years at. His eyes were like diamonds when I showed up at our meeting at a local restaurant one day on his lunch hour. I pulled up right infront at the pavillion and beeped at my Merc with my hand coded key. It beeped back obediently.

I strolled over and recognised Jack immediatley. We shook hands and started to talk. It didn't take long before the questions started. I will never forget the first question he asked me. You see we were close friends, apart from being his boss, I always felt the fellow had a good head on his shoulders and a bright outlook on things. We had spent social time together with our wives, but today was different. He had not heard of or seen me for over 12 months and his first words were "Martin! what happened to the ford?" (A broken down clunker I used to call transportation)

I didn't hold back. I told my old friend everything. Every question he had, I answered with complete and forthright frankness. The more questions I answered, the more the questions came. His lunch hour turned into an afternoon off. The napkins on hour table were transformed into financial footnotes of formulas and milestone achieved.

I guess it boiled down to real estate. No-where else can one get such enourmous leverage. Jack told me he had no spare money to get into real estate because of the high entry costs, but then, when I began, I had no money at all either. Its the system that matters and not the individuals current seed capital account I told him.

Building wealth one house at a time

Real estate was the investment vehicle I chose to build my fortune with. It certainly was a personal choice and not what this system relies on. It is however the most recommended way to go. Jack took what I told him and eventually got into real estate, however, he enjoyed utilizing precious stones and also sea going vessels like yachts and power cruisers.

I found the capital gains that you get in real estate were the most advantageous. The biggest advantage of real estate is that it is possible to make your first million without ever paying a single cent in tax. Of course its legal and the governement allows you to take capital gains on homes that you live in as your own. I found this approach was for me. I enjoyed working on these properties in my own pace and the things I wasn't qualified to do I simply contracted out.

The biggest step I made was leaving a job. That was hard but when you begin to see things happening there is no real choice. You have to follow your gut. You need the time to work on your first million and thats what I did. I commited to it by planning it thoroughly and then I set sail, as they say.

I compounded my earnings one house at a time. No complicated taxation issues to worry about because there was no tax obligations. This system is the best I ever came across and obviously was something that made sense to me. I made my million fast and furious because I simply had the vision to keep going.

Martin Thomas is a professional investor who trades in Real Estate, Art and Sea going Vessels. He has mentored many people and helped them create wealth rapidly. He helped Jack Reynolds make his first million in under 12 months. Jack was a broke Insurance salesman only 2 years ago, today he owns assets valued at several million dollars. What did Martin teach Jack in 24 short months? You can read about Jack's remarkable and rapid transformation and download Hayden's famous book "The Million Dollar Mentor" by clicking here