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No matter what field you want to make money in,  there is a process that you must go through in order to make money.  If you don't go through the process,  you are not going to make money.  It's that simple.  Goes back to cause and effect.  Without the right cause,  you won't get the right effect.

Instead of looking for shortcuts,  you should find a process that you can use to create wealth and FOLLOW that process.  Don't expect to take a bunch of shortcuts and end up with the result that you desire.  You have to be able to pay the price to get what you want.  And in the case of building wealth,  that means you have to take the actions that will manifest wealth in YOUR life.

The mindset is the beginning.

A lot of hype gets thrown in about the million dollar mindset.  It is important.  It's the building block or the foundation on which you will be able to create real wealth.  But,  it's not the end of the process.  It's just the beginning.  You cannot just adopt a mindset and then do nothing else and expect everything to fall into place.

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    Get Rich the EASY Way - Why it Almost NEVER Happens!

By Bryan Appleton

There is an never ending amount of information on products that are available that promise to teach you how to get rich the easy way.  Yet,  most of it never really works.  Most people that pay $ 40 for a program that promises instant wealth only end up with $ 40 less in their bank account.

Why does it seem that the easy way to get rich almost never works?