Sadly many of the webmaster forums today seem to have the majority of their members in this second category. The naysayer.

Frankly, in my opinion it all comes down to one thing. Being stingy. These wannabe guru’s have sat on their selected forum perches for years, looking down on those that can’t write HTML like peasants in the king’s courtyard. They have fallen in love with the idea that they are somehow the elite, and really don’t want anyone from ‘the outside’ encroaching on them or possibly competing with them in business.

So they preach to their subjects how bad all those ‘Made For Adsense’ sites are and how people who build them are ruining the internet. Sadly, many of their cronies swallow every word they say like chocolate pudding and then regurgitate it on other boards, hoping that they will someday also be a revered ‘guru’ on a forum of their own.

If you take a look at the history of these forums you’ll learn that things have been done this way for years. Long before Adsense was ever thought of, some of these people were giving new website owners bad advice. As far back as 1996 I can remember reading posts from ‘the top dogs’ in a few forums preaching that you should really only build ONE website, and then spend the rest of your life optimizing it for the search engines in the hopes of one day being successful. And as far back as 1996 I’ve been screaming that they were wrong to tell people that this approach was correct. Now most internet savvy entrepreneurs agree with me in that you should work on building a PORTFOLIO of websites rather than spending all of your time on just one.

I have also been saying for years that instead of spending hours a day tweaking your text in the hopes of a good search engine listing, you should spend that time actually working on traffic generation for your site. Today, in light of the article marketing revolution, many of the experts agree.

So back to our topic. Why is it that many suggest that you NOT build websites for the purpose of advertising and making money? Simple. They are afraid that you’ll take away some of their traffic. They are afraid to compete.

What they are even more afraid of is that the market will blow wide open for people starting an online business with zero HTML knowledge. Zero programming skills. So they toss out names and badges in the hopes that it will dissuade the newbies from starting their online business.

I’m here to tell you though, it’s happening all around us. Every day someone new is coming online and starting a content oriented website in order to make some money online. Be it with Adsense or some other affiliate marketing program. They have heard the wonders of the internet and want their share as well! The ‘Guru’s’ won’t be able to stop them either. With the advent of the blog, ANYONE can start their own free website without much knowledge at all.

Now it’s even easier for someone new to start an extremely content rich website, focused on just about any topic they want, and NOT EVEN have to worry about how they are going to update it. I’m talking about the advent of the Autoblogger Pro script, which really is a revolution in automated website content. With this script you can literally add a few RSS feeds from Blogs and News feeds that are related to your topic. Then to update, you simply login every couple of days and click one button. Presto! A nice smooth combination of HIGHLY targeted content on your website. Just what the search engines ordered! A website that’s focused, with UNIQUE content, and that GROWS every time the engine visits!! It’s an SEO dream for those that have no HTML or programming skills. (you can view a sample ABP site by visiting )

The bottom line is this. These so self proclaimed ‘guru’s’ are really just dinosaurs. And we all know what happened to the dinosaurs when they refused to adapt to their environment….

Till next time, Chuck Crawford

About The Author: Chuck Crawford is an established expert in web design, traffic development and website financial analysis. He has been helping people design and develop their internet business since 1996. This article may be reprinted freely as long as all links remain active.
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Made For Adsense Websites, The Controversy

By Chuck Crawford

If you cruise any of the major webmaster forums these days you’ll likely see the term MFA - meaning ‘Made For Adsense websites’. Now the opinions on these types of sites vary greatly depending on the forum and also depending on the author of the post. I’ve seen posts of praise, thanking Adsense for creating a awesome avenue for online income. But I’ve also seen posts trashing anyone that builds a site for the purpose of having a place to put their Adsense code. I’ve even seen posts giving webmasters that build such sites the dubious title of ‘Black Hat’….
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