We'll take a elementary beginners' look at some of the factors that make good Adsense sites stand out from bad ones. We'll start from the beginning - the idea process for a site.

You have an idea for a site. It's your passion. It's your love. But, the question lingers in the back of your mind…

"Can I make money with this idea?"

The answer is yes, you probably can. But before you do, the stars have to be aligned, sort to speak. Many before you have rushed in blind with a idea, and a scrap of a plan, only to lose valuable time and money, when with a little patience and research, they could have done much better.

It's not enough to have a passion or love of a topic. In fact, many site owners that make money from Adsense build sites that make money with only a small interest in the actual niche topic itself.

In short, you need a combination of things to make a great niche site. We'll talk about one of them here.


As in any business or market, timing is everything.

If you find an Adsense niche market, you need to know one thing before you start: is it a niche that has already run its course?

Or is it a niche that is still not hot enough to parlay on?

Internet marketers say that for a niche to be legitimate, it needs to have at least 25,000 search engine searches attributed to it monthly. Anything less is a waste of time and energy, no matter how much an ad pays per click.

A great research tool is a free Google Top 500 keyword list, generated every two weeks from Axalda.info. It's available here: www.axalda.info/topkeywords.html.

To determine correct timing, take a while, and look at the front page content of the first 20 sites that come up in Google's search. Are the sites the same, or close to being the same?

If you find that most of them are saying the same thing, and you find at least a 10 to 30 sites with that same type of content, you have found, in all probability, an oversaturated market. But some niches have sub niches which are used by different sites, and finding a sub niche can make your site stand out in the crowd. A wedding site, for instance, could have tips on what to wear, a bulletin board, registry links, wedding vows, etc. Some of these sites could concentrate of one more than the other, yet still pull in the correct Adsense niche ads, and traffic because of how they design, word and place their content.

Next time, I'll give you some quick tips on how to deal with the competion, including how o deal with competition in your niche market.

Till then, keep building!

About The Author: Gary Hollins is a writer for axalda.info. You can pick up his free Top 500 Google Adsense Keyword List at www.axalda.info/topkeywords.html

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