channels foreach one. Create a channel with a relevant name andgenerate a code for that channel. Paste that particularAdsense code to the concerned pages / sites.


Google now provides Channel Data in real time. Earlier, itused to provide data for '2 days before'. Follow theprocedure mentioned below :

1. From 'Date Range' drop down menu, select 'today'.

2. Check the radio button : Group data by 'Channel'.

3. On the right hand panel, check the radio button 'Channeldata'.

4. Click on 'Select ALL' at the bottom of channel list.

5. Click on 'Display Report'.

Now you get the seggregated report for clicks generated foreach channel.


It is very important to know that which pages / sites aregenerating good Adsense revenue and which are not. We canwork upon those poorly performing pages. If we can get toknow about which ads are being clicked, that would make usfeel more informed for many obvious reasons.

Currently Google does not provide this data. But you can stillget it from a very nice and detailed free web stat service, AddFree Stats.

Add Free Stats provides a very detailed web stats whichsatisfies most webmasters. You may open a free account at :, get the code and paste it at thebottom of each of your pages.

Make sure that in 'Your Account' section you mark 'Yes' for'Exit link tracking'.

Now check your stats at Add Free Stats, and you will find a"A" icon beside the visitors' ip. That means that visitor hasclicked on an Adsense code. Place your mouse over the icon,and you can see which ad has been clicked.

You can also generate a separate report of pages that havegenerated Adsense click. Select 'Exit Links/Adsense' from thedrop down menu marked as 'Pages'. Here you get a folder iconnamed Adsense, the number of Adsense clicks etc. Click onthe Adsense folder icon and you get the number of Adsenseclicks on each page and which ads are clicked on that page.Click on the 'hour glass' icon and you get the CTR, PV toofor each page.

I am no way connected to Add Free Stats. I am just a happyuser. Any webmaster working seriously towards Adsenseearning, must have this tool.

About the Author:

Subhendu Sen is the owner and webmaster of A Low-Cost Web Host : http://www.IndHosts.Net/hosting.html and is in the business of web hosting since 1998. He also owns other sites of interest : — An Article Directory and — A Free Email Address Directory

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Get Real-time Adsense Channel Stats And Find Out Which Ads Are Being Clicked

If you have multiple sites or multiple directories in yoursite for different subjects and you have placed Adsensecodes in your site, I am sure you would like to know:(a) from which site or directory you are earning themost / least, (b) which Adsense ads are beingclicked and (c) from which page?


To get separate stats for each site / section / directory/ page with Adsense, you need to create
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