The old guard gurus are merely protecting their own best
interests. As long as they can pretend nothing meaningful has
changed, the longer they can continue selling their systems and
software. Those tolling death bells for Adsense are stirring up
controversy for the sake of promoting click-flipping and other
wealth-production strategies. The only people who seem to have
it right are those publishers who have noticed that the old
Adsense gravy train has run out of steam and who have
discovered that the future of Adsense lies in treating it
differently than before.

Instead of proclaiming the death of Adsense, savvy users are
taking a different approach to the changed environment. Adsense
still has a place and can still be a valuable part of a
successful overall strategy. However, the previously embraced
strategies that were premised on constructing lower-quality
sites en masse and monetizing them exclusively with Adsense are
no longer tenable.

Instead, Adsense can be used as one of a multiplicity of
revenue-producing tactics on smart sites designed to provide
visitors with real value. Earlier Adsense techniques were based
on sending mass traffic to a site and collecting ad clicks
exclusively. In many cases, the sites were actually designed in
a way that aimed to make people want to leave rapidly, using
Adsense ad blocks as an "escape route."

Smart pricing has decreased the per click payout of such prices
by such a substantial margin that one cannot hope to profit from
those strategies in any meaningful way. Instead, smart
publishers will create better sites that really interact with
visitors in a meaningful way. Relevant contextual advertising
fills the role of one many services offered to visitors.
Instead of being the "only way" to make a dime, Adsense can be
used as part of a full roster of moneymaking opportunities.

Not only does this strategy allow webmasters to effectively tap
into to other revenue sources (some of which are more valuable
than Adsense ever was in its heyday), it also comports with
Adsense's own recommendations for improving per click values in
a smart pricing environment. There are more ways to make money
and one can make more money with Adsense at the same time.
Regardless of what some might be announcing, there is no reason
to give up on Adsense. You just need to use it differently.

Adsense did not change in a vacuum. While it lumbered toward
smart pricing, web access, technology and user expectations
were also in a state of flux. Today, the old methods of
top-down site design premised on the old publication model is
outmoded. The arrival of what many are terming "Web 2.0"
reflects the convergence of several different trends. Those who
will successfully use Adsense as a monetization strategy today
and in the future are aware of those trends and how to approach
them to effectively generate a substantial income.

Adsense has changed. Do not believe those who tell you that
"business as usual" will still work like a charm. Adsense is
not, however, dead. It is still a strong and vibrant means by
which to earn. The old Adsense business models are dead. They
just do not do the trick anymore. You can make money with
Adsense, but it will require the use of strategies that merge
appropriately with the current environment and trends. Sites
that seek to provide real value to visitors can make use of
multiple revenue earning strategies including Adsense and will
succeed regardless of smart pricing adjustments.

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)has created a "site building system" unlike any in the world,
focusing on multiple income streams and interactions with
visitors. He now runs a membership delivering a complete
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Making Adsense Work In The Smart Pricing Era

Jean-Philippe Schoeffel

Smart pricing has changed Adsense. Publishers are seeing lower per click payouts and are lamenting the inability of their old methods and systems to produce a profit under the current
circumstances. The old guard of Adsense gurus, meanwhile,
continues to hold tight to a perspective born before smart pricing became a reality. They continue to encourage new
publishers to follow their methods for Adsense success. Others have overreacted, announcing that Adsense is no longer a viable moneymaking opportunity. Some have even argued that smart pricing killed Adsense.
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