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There are many involved and expensive books dealing with this most interesting, instructive, and fascinating subject, but because they are prepared for those who have had previous instruction, they are not adapted to the needs of the thousands of people who are for the first time touched by the wing of the spirit of knowledge that now seems to be brooding and descending upon the earth.

The influence of the Domains, Zodiacal Signs, Planets, and Stars have been recognized and understood by certain wise men for thousands of years, but the esoteric part of occult law has been known only to the initiated of certain nations and secret orders. The quickening spirit is here. Even the usually thoughtless and indifferent open their eyes a little wider sometimes, and stop long enough in their money-grubbing and shopping to wonder what it all means.

An acquaintance with the Domains and Signs of the Zodiac places in the hands of every intelligent person a strong overcoming force. The first effect of this knowledge is the birth of a new charity, not only for one's neighbors but for oneself. "Receiving a new truth is adding a new sense. Right wrongs no man."

We find that there is a reason for certain traits of character, certain passions and weaknesses "which have burdened all the conflict and hindered all the fight." The friends whom one has criticised and blamed have the same reason as ourselves for their peculiarities and unsatisfactory conduct. The next effect is the assurance that, having penetrated to the cause, it is possible to find a remedy for the conditions that have formerly ruled our lives.

Many of us have laughed at what we were pleased to call the superstitions of our grandparents, especially of our grandmothers, as expressed in their devotion to the Signs of the Zodiac. Fevers turned, the sick recovered or died, children were weaned, houses bought and sold, according to some arrangement of the circle with the queer beasts and the much-pierced man that held a place in all the almanacs of the period. Some of us have found out a few things since, and one is that it is the part of wisdom not to sneer at or condemn the things which we do not understand.

The age of Interrogation has been a long one. We have now come to the period of Response. Time will reveal every truth to posterity. Questions imply answers. Every Why holds a Because. That answers are long in coming does not prove that there are no answers. The child demands reasons for things which his elders cannot give him. But the fact that the child is able to formulate these questions shows conclusively that the answers are not only in existence, but that he, as the seeker for this knowledge, will some time be able to answer them for himself.

That the hidden forces of the universe are more potent than those we can see and handle is a fact that the world is now beginning to accept. We have asked questions without hope of answer. Now we ask, and know that we shall receive as soon as we are willing to let go of Error and let in the Truth.

In our ignorance we have scorned the invisible and latent, and measured the universe by our five circumscribed senses. Ignorance shuts its eyes and declares itself to be right, while it is the primary source of human misery. The late tremendous progress in electrical science has been a great force in awakening the minds of the people to the realization of hidden or occult power, and it has also helped to prove the truth of the Christ statement that " there is nothing hidden which shall not be revealed."

Truth is the daughter of Time. She may languish, but can never perish. The Moon is the only planet in the heavens which has been generally credited with exerting an influence upon the Earth, and, in the minds of most people, this influence has been confined to the tides. It is a commentary upon the intelligence of the average man and woman when the Moon, the feeblest of our luminaries, is selected as the only planet which has any relation to the Earth. These people will tell us that they know the effect of the Moon upon tides, and in the same breath will disclaim any belief in the power of other planets, which are to the Moon as the light of the Sun to a tallow candle. The light of the Moon is like the sunlight on the face of a corpse, and the power credited to it is a borrowed power belonging of right to the Sun.

We have passed from the age of Questions and come to the age of Answers, and though we still know very little concerning the hidden or occult forces of the universe, we are learning something new every day, among which valuable information we may place the recent discovery of our previous utter ignorance of causes, and our arrogance and dogmatism in denying the powers which we were not able to test by means of our physical senses.

Truth is often too simple for us, and we do not like those who unmask our illusions; but the day has dawned, the clouds of ignorance are rolling away, and the response to the desire for knowledge is coming just as rapidly as the human soul is ready to receive it.