Buying a Designer Leather Coat

Does your wardrobe need a boost? If you are ready for a real splurge, try a high end leather coat that will provide your look with loads of style and spunk. Most high end designers offer leather coats in their collections, as leather is a timeless staple that is easy to update to the look of today.

Top of the line leather coats can be expensive, but you will get your money's worth in the rich, luxurious look the leathers provide. There are several great leather coat styles to try on the market today.

Know that when you go to shop for a leather coat, you will likely be splurging to get it, but nothing can replicate the look of real leather. Imitation materials are fun, but they won't give you the classy, high end look that actual leather will. Keep in mind that the more classic, high end, and contemporary your look, the more it requires real leather instead of an imitation or synthetic material.

One option is to check out the pages of your favorite fashion magazine, always full of leather coats as the months grow colder. Another option is to check out the runways, which also feature updated takes on traditional leather coats. No season goes by without at least some leather showing up in fashion, and the current trends are no exception. For the best in leather coats, several designers have fresh takes.

First, check out Michael Kors. Kors is known for his stylish, about town clothes. He has been a famed icon in the fashion industry for years, and has recently gained personal acclaim for his work as a judge on the popular Bravo TV series Project Runway. One thing Michael Kors always knows is how to dress a woman. His take on the leather coat is no exception, in sleek, smooth black styled in a bulk-free scuba silhouette that is sure to flatter almost any figure. Think Bond-girl vixen when you put on this form fitting leather coat and you're sure to stun. For a more classic look, a woman of means can splurge on a Cole Haan lambskin blazer, which comes in brown with raw edges and a distressed washed finish. The details make it hip, while the classic blazer cut makes it a lasting staple in the wardrobe and allows all age groups to wear this leather coat. Cole Haan's leather coat collection is available from Bloomingdales, and offers a sense of sophistication as well as playfulness.

Next, consider an Andrew Marc leather coat in a mod double-breasted style. Mod lines make this coat feel both vintage and contemporary, while supple leather adds the look of high end sophistication.

There are so many great choices in women's leather coats, there is no excuse to be missing this staple from your wardrobe. Leather coats add an instant look of richness, texture, refinery, and also fun. They can be dressed down or dressed up, making it the perfect winter staple. Leather coats also transition well between seasons, so you can get more wear out of the piece. It is definitely worth the money to have a fashion essential!