Snowmobile Vacations in British Columbia, Canada

Canada has some of the premier resorts and facilities designed to fit the needs of snowmobilers and other winter sport enthusiasts. The vast snowy landscape along with the predictable wintry conditions are ideal for taking a snowmobile through the thousands of miles of trails that are wonderfully maintained throughout the area. Several provinces in Canada also contain organizations and facilities that strive to make the snowmobiling experience even more thrilling and enjoyable.

British Columbia is an ideal place for snowmobilers in Canada to enjoy the favorite winter activity. With an astonishing 50-70 feet of annual snowfall, the conditions in this region make for thrilling experiences in the great wide-open landscape. The Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours a British Columbian Company in Revelstoke, British Columbia is a government licensed tour facility that has also won awards for the their highly-acclaimed snowmobile tours and operations. They offer vacationers great options for renting the latest in snowmobile in technology along with accessories and safety equipment. They are dedicated to providing guests with the best possible options by replacing their equipment often and maintaining the equipment that they have. Most of their snowmobiles are equipped with two-inch tracks, ideal for traveling through deep snow and doubling as flotation skis for gliding over areas of water.

In addition to the rental equipment, the Great Canadian Snowmobile Tours Company offers a variety of private and open guided snowmobile tours to fit the skills of any snowmobiler. Most of the tours are package deals that provide all of the essentials needed for a long snowmobile trip, including safety equipment and meals along the way. Most tours involve small groups of five or six snowmobilers, so there is a greater chance of trips customized to fit the needs of each group participant. Upon returning to the destination, snowmobilers are treated to free appetizers. Other packages include a steak and salmon barbecue in a private facility. Other specialized snowmobile tours are available, including a tour for women only and trips that span out over several days. Frequent area snowmobilers will appreciate the guided tours because there is always new terrain to experience along the way and interesting nature and wildlife in the surroundings, including hot springs and caribou.

One of the premier winter resorts in the British Columbia area is the Glacier House Resort in Revelstoke. This is an ideal place where many tours begin their trip. The resort offers guests a fireplace in their private lodge-style rooms along with an indoor pool and Jacuzzis in the bathrooms. The resort also provides a variety of specialized spa services and a lodge-style tavern with a large projector screen in the meeting area that plays snowmobiling DVDs throughout the day. It also provides guests with daily trail updates and an avalanche danger rating so snowmobilers will know what the conditions are like before heading out for the day. Surrounded by the Frisby, Turtle, and Boulder Mountains, Glacier House Resort affords guests glorious views from the private balconies.

The Canadian province of British Columbia is one of the best places to plan your next snowmobile vacation because of the many services their resorts offer to their guests. With customized tours and expert guides, even inexperienced snowmobilers will feel comfortable learning how to ride at one of the many British Columbia winter resorts, namely the Glacier House Resort. Experienced users will enjoy the more challenging trails available to them. All guests will undoubtedly marvel in the spectacular mountain views from their resort along with the luxurious amenities provided.