Snowmobiling in Northern Utah

Utah is one of the premier areas for snow-related activities during the cold and frigid winter months. Because of the large amount of snow that regularly coats the hills and land of the northern Utah region, tourists and vacationers flock to the area to take advantage of the winter sports and opportunities available there. The best way to experience an amazing Utah winter snowmobiling vacation is by enjoying one of the many available lodges. Two of the most popular northern Utah resorts are the Daniel Summit Lodge and the Beaver Creek Lodge. With lavish amenities and relaxing atmospheres, these resorts give snowmobile lovers satisfying vacations and thrilling experiences that keep them coming back.

The Daniel Summit Lodge is a northern Utah year-round resort that caters to winter sports lovers. It boasts of over 200 miles of freshly groomed snowmobile tracks within minutes from the facility. When not snowmobiling, vacationers will enjoy the amazing natural scenery that surrounds the resort. With elk, moose, and deer running free around the snowy Uinta National Forest mountaintop area, there is something to do for those who love to snowmobile and those who like to relax in a nice room with a crackling fire in the fireplace. Snowmobile lovers have many options at the Daniel Summit Lodge, too. Guided tours are available to fit the needs of beginners and experts. The more difficult and adventurous groomed snowmobile trails are reserved for the experienced users while beginners can get accustomed to riding a snowmobile on one of the many stretches of smooth snowmobile trails that will offer a sense of excitement to those who have never experienced the thrill of snowmobiling before.

At its 7,200 feet elevation, Logan, Utah's lovely Beaver Creek Lodge is another great place for snowmobile lovers to enjoy their winter sports vacation. This is an ideal setting for groups, families, or couples to take advantage of Utah's wonderful snowy season. You can rent one of their many state-of-the-art snowmobiles along with protective equipment and clothing for an amazing snowmobiling experience. It is consistently ranked as one of the top 15 winter resorts in the western region of the country and it offers hundreds of miles of maintained snowmobiling tracks throughout the Caribou National Forest and beyond. Experts and beginners alike can utilize the available guided tours customized to fit their snowmobile riding abilities.

At both resorts, snow lovers will also be able to enjoy snowshoeing and a variety of ski activities as other ways to experience Utah's awesome winter weather. Couples can spend relaxing evenings on the private balcony of their suite and overlook the snow-dusted trees and ground below. They can also experience spectacular views from either resort's indoor pool or hot tub while unwinding after a long day of snow sports and snowmobiling.

Northern Utah resort-style lodges provide vacationers with luxurious amenities that any guest will enjoy. By staying in one of the many cabins available that are specially designed to meet the needs of those who love to snowmobile and take advantage of Utah's winter weather, guests have quick and easy access to the hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails that wind through the breathtaking forests in the area. Not only do the resorts offer many snow-related activities, but they also offer great restaurants and other ways to enjoy a relaxing winter Utah vacation. Some resorts, such as the Daniel Summit Lodge, offer a full-service day spa with a variety of massages and pampering services that guests can take advantage of after a long day of snowmobiling.