The mind can think of one thing only. Fear is an acute form of negative
concentration--worry its chronic form. If you learn how to place your
mind upon a particular subject and inhibit or "shut off" all other
thoughts, the fascination of fear and worry shall have no power over you.
Most of the things you fear never happen--others can be routed by a bold
front. Even if something ugly does befall you, you have the power within
to enable you to 'bear up' heroically.

Fear is a mere negative thought-habit. It is a negative tendency in the mind.

You can best eradicate this weed from your mind by cultivating the positive attitude of Courage. There are particular sets of brain-cells being created or
destroyed by particular types of thoughts. The best way to destroy
negative brain-cells is to develop positive brain-cells. If you want to
Kill off Fear-thoughts, do not fight them. That would be like trying to
realise how dark a place is and then starting to pitch it out by the
handful. You know you cannot do it. Just open the blinds and let in
sunshine and the place will be flooded with light.

The mind hypnotised by negative thoughts has been compared by a mental
scientist to a dirty wash-bowl full of dirty water. Take the wash-bowl near a
tap and turn the tap on. The steady pour of clean water will soon wash off all the dirty water and fill the wash-bowl with clear water. So the only way
to root out and destroy evil thoughts is to turn a steady stream of
positive thoughts to overcome all fear thoughts, you should think
courage-thoughts. Don't crawl on your belly; don't call upon Heaven to
witness that despicable creature you are. No--a thousand times--no. Act
Courage. Think Courage. Say Courage. That's the way.

Turn your face towards the rising sun. Take "Courage" for your watchword. Affirm it as far as you can. Fasten it deep and strong in your mind. Always tell yourself that you are full of courage, morning, noon and night; never
tell yourself that you are weak.

Now, in order to inhibit fear-thoughts and exhibit Courage-thoughts,
you must possess CONCENTRATION. You should be able to take your mind off a certain subject and put it on something else at your will.

Do you know what Concentration means? Let me give you in my own words
something I remember reading about Napoleon. When banished to St. Helena and
suffering from disease, one day his doctor expressed his curiosity as to
the secret of his success and astonishing power. Napoleon replied
"Doctor, there are drawers in my brain. When I want to think of politics
I pull out the drawer of politics, when I want to think of Josephine, I
pull out the drawer of Law, and so on; and when I shut all these drawers,
I can go to sleep." The doctor smiled incredulity blandly. "Doctor, I can
show you this minute. Doctor, I shut all drawers"--even while saying
this, Napoleon fell with a thud on his pillow. He was fast asleep. The
man of science and medicine examined him in all ways, but Napoleon had
fallen actually fast asleep.

This is Concentration and Mind-Control. I don't admire men of Napoleon's selfish types. Their place is in dark hell. They use their power for preying upon others.
But that his powers of mind were great, I don't deny. Napoleon in his past life had been a great Yogi, but the remnants of self and cumulative force of bad Karma precipitated the bloody results you all know in connection with
Napoleon's career. No doubt, this man was only a means used by God to
bring about certain changes and revolutions.

To develop Concentration, pay attention to the daily work of your life.
Don't neglect small things. Put interest and attention into whatever
you think, say, or do. Be a wide-awake man. Don't go about your work
half-asleep. Wake up and display a few signs of life. Be progressive.
Think much and to the purpose.


You all understand this. It is that aspect of your make-up that enables
you to make your mind and body obey you. The true principle of Will is
closely interlocked with the "I am I" as I have already explained it.
Resolve at the start to do one thing once in 24 hours that you would do
if you were not afraid. Face fear and it is your slave.

Your Will-power enables you to prove things practically to yourself and to the world; to make actions match-thoughts. Give your Will much exercise in the right direction. Without Will a man is no better than a log of wood. Keep your Will strong by auto-suggestion and exercise. Try the powers of your Will on your personality till you can do anything and be anything. Say "I can and I will" in a thousand different ways and prove it too. The
requisite qualities that form valuable adjuncts to Will-power are:
1. Determination. 2. Stick-to-it-ive-ness. 3. Perseverance. 4. Invincible
and indomitable courage. 5. Non-attachment. 6. Faith in yourself.
7. Faith in God. 8. I can and I will. Repeat this affirmation often till
it becomes a constant mental trait.


1. I am fearless. I am full of courage. There is nothing to fear.
I say courage, I think, I act courage.

2. Courage is my distinct and leading trait. Everyone knows me
as a man of Indomitable courage. The criticisms and opinions of others
cannot affect me the least.

3. I am part of the Divine Self. I harm none. My nature knows
no harm. Hence no harm comes to me.

4. I am equal to anything. Nothing can crush my spirit. I can
face everything. I can face everybody.

5. My powers of resistance are strong, strong, strong. I use them
never for the aggression of others. They are for my self-defence.

6. I am absolutely fearless morally and physically.

7. I stand for absolute truthfulness and justice and manifest them
in myself.

The use of strong, positive Affirmation in the Silence is valuable in
that it gives you a firm hold of your thought so that you can "carry the
thought" mentally. The value of expressing thought in act and speech lies
in this that it clinches your thought into a permanent habit. Remember
this psychologic axiom:

  • 1. Thoughts take form in action.
  • 2. Action induces thought and corresponding habits.

Therefore act out the part physically. If you want a courageous mind--"act out" the part physically, in your daily life, on suitable occasions, in all earnestness as you would in a theatre or drama. In a very short time it shall become a confirmed habit. Force yourself to it. Take an interest in what you do and say. Have confident expectations of SUCCESS.

Never be daunted and cowed down by initial difficulties and failures. Never say die. If you go down--don't remain lying and moaning. Never, I say, never. Get up.
Shake yourself up free and say, like the royal lion "Come one, come all,
this rock shall fly sooner from its base than I." Have a will of your
own and be a force for good. Exercise your Will-power. Be something.
Do something.

An Introduction
to Yoga

by Annie Besant

The Meaning of the Universe

  • The Unfolding of Consciousness
  • The Oneness of the Self
  • The Quickening of the Process of Self-Unfoldment
  • Yoga is a Science
  • Man a Duality
  • States of Mind
  • Samadhi

The Literature of Yoga

  • Some Definitions
  • God Without and God  Within
  • Changes of Consciousness and Vibrations of Matter
  • Stages of Mind
  • Inward and Outward-turned Consciousness
  • The Cloud

Relation to Indian Philosophies

  • Mind
  • The Mental Body

Mind and Self

  • Methods of Yoga
  • To the Self by the Self
  • To the Self through the Not-Self

  • Yoga and Morality
  • Composition of States of the Mind

Pleasure and Pain

  • Inhibition of States of Mind
  • Meditation with and without Seed
  • The Use of Mantras


  • Obstacles to Yoga
  • Capacities for Yoga
  • Forthgoing and Returning
  • Purification of Bodies
  • Dwellers on the Threshold
  • Preparation for Yoga
  • The End
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